Azha Ain Sokhna

Prices start from 2460000 EGP
Last updated 22 February 2022
Down Payment : 10Installments Years : 9
Developer : Madaar
Azha Ain SokhnaAzha Ain SokhnaAzha Ain SokhnaAzha Ain SokhnaAzha Ain SokhnaAzha Ain SokhnaAzha Ain SokhnaAzha Ain Sokhna
Azha Ain SokhnaAzha Ain SokhnaAzha Ain SokhnaAzha Ain SokhnaAzha Ain SokhnaAzha Ain SokhnaAzha Ain SokhnaAzha Ain Sokhna

About Azha Ain Sokhna, Madaar Developments

Azha Ain Sokhna is one of the latest resorts located at Ain Al Sokhna, one of the most prominent cities on the red sea in Egypt. Madaar company provides the customers with high-end units in Azha at competitive prices.

If you are looking for a summer chalet or a permanent address, Azha Ain El Sokhna will be your best choice.

Azha Ain Sokhna

About Madaar Developments

Madaar is characterized as one of the successful leading companies with a notable embrace in the Egyptian market. It was founded in 2015 by the clever and successful businessman Hossam El-Sha’er.

Therefore, this company always aims to provide unique real estate development and investment projects, such as the Sun Rise hotel. And it has intended to launch other investments soon in North Coast, Shikh Zaied, and 6th October.

Accordingly, Madaar company has announced the launching of its distinctive and tranquil project in a beautiful and active spot in Ain EL-Sokhna.

It was named after Azha resort as it means one of the brightest stars in the sky. And the company has implemented many facilities and services that ensure the residents a new lifestyle full of the sophistication, luxury, comfort, and tranquillity you search for.

The location of Azha Ain Sokhna Resort

Azha Ain Sokhna resort is distinctively located in a prime spot in Egypt on the Suez road. It is about 126 kilometers away from Cairo and 11 km away from Ain Elsokhna gates. Also. It is 15 minutes away from the new administrative capital and 50 mins away from Cairo international airport.

Hence, Azha is near many tourist villages, compounds, commercial and recreational areas where you can easily find your needs. Moreover, Azha Ain Sokhna is close to many famous resorts such as palm hills Ain SokhnaBoho Ain SokhnaTelal Ain Sokhna, and Aroma Sokhna.

In addition, it overlooks one of the best sandy beaches that enjoy the vitality of the serene blue waters and the wonderful white sand that give a pleasant taste and signature for summer vacation.

So, don’t miss this opportunity and own your dream beachfront house in Azha Ain Sokhna resort away from the city bustle and stress.

Additionally, Azha resort spreads over 380 acres with a beach size of 700 M. Hence, 13% of the total land area is dedicated to the construction buildings and units. The remaining area consists of landscape, lagoon, wide green natural spaces, spacious gardens, and lakes that reflect the beauty of nature, bringing relaxing views.

The design of Azha Resort Ain Al Sokhna

Azha Ain Sokhna project was carefully built, featuring many outstanding state-of-the-art designs and inspiring modern architects that meet the American style that touches the heart easily. Hence, Maddar company contracted with two well-known designers companies to implement the resort, which are:

  • Barton Willmore, which has set the master plan.
  •  Mixity, which has designed and implemented the project.

According to this, the resort is combining two phases:

  • Musca phase –> it includes the 4 and 5- floors standalone residential villas and American kitchens
  • Pavo –>it contains various units and types such as chalets, apartments, cabanas, townhouses, and twin houses.

So, you can choose the waterfront unit that meets your expectations and fill you with satisfaction. Also, Azha ain el Sokhna relishes a distinctive place on the azure, the red sea, and thus it enjoys a warm and delicate climate all year round.

Therefore, you can live happily there with your family in a pleasant atmosphere that promotes your life standards level.

Services and amenities offered in the Azha Ain Al Sokhna Village

The developer company, Madaar, provides a variety of services in Azha El Ain El Sokhna that provide you a comfortable time spent there. Such as:

  • – Many swimmable crystal lagoons, artificial lakes, and swimming pools are distributed equally over the entire resort that suits all age clusters and includes pool activity.
  • – Beach clubhouse
  • – Distinguished landscapes, trees, meadows, and natural surroundings bring a beautiful view of nature.
  • – Community centers and central park in Azha Ain Sokhna
  •  – A retail area that includes many commercial shops and famous brands so the customer can enjoy shopping.
  • – A well-equipped sports club that includes a wide range of activities and playgrounds.
  • – A well-equipped gym, spa, and sauna for men and women.
  • – Tracks for running, jogging, and walking in Azha Ain Sokhna Village
  • – Parking lots.
  • – Easy access through many special entrances and gates.
  • – Management office.
  • – Regular maintenance service in Azha resort, Ain Sokhna
  • – A medical center that cares about the customer’s health.
  • – Many entertainment areas provide you with an enjoyable time there.
  • -There are free Wifi and satellite system.
  • – A Large security and guarding team in Azha Ain Al Sokhna secures and protects the village 24\7.
  • Surveillance cameras secure each corner for your safety inside the Azha Village Ain Sokhna.
  • – Five and 7-star modernly designed boutique hotels offering the perfect accommodation for customers. and guests
  • – Restaurants and cafes provide the best cuisine of delicious food and favorite beverages where the client can be thoughtfully serviced at the highest class.
  • – An eco-friendly place that uses solar power in the street lighting system.

Besides, many other facilities and features make this compound a vibrant place to be your main address, not only a summer destination.

Areas and prices of the for-sale properties in Azha Ain Al Sokhna Resort.

There are many areas and prices for the fully-finished residential units in Azha Ain Al Sokhna village that meet your requirements and ability. Such as:

  • – The penthouse villas area starts from 274 to 282 square meters and has a price ranging between 10,500,000 to 12,000,000 EGP.
  • – The townhouse area starts from 150 to 175 square meters, with a price ranging from 5,500,000 to 6.000.000 EGP.
  • – The twin house area starts from 210 sqm, with prices starting from 7,700,000 to 9.200,000 EGP.

The payment system in Azha Ain El-Sokhna Village

Madar real estate property was keen on providing multiple suitable options for payment that meet your current criteria. Thus, it has included the following systems:

  •  A 10 % down payment and installments for nine years.
  • A 15 % down payment and installments for four years.
  • A15 % down payment and installments for eight years.
  • A 15 % down payment and installments for six years.

If you want to own a new summer adventure in this premium living community, hurry up booking your luxurious seafront unit now.

For more details and inquiries about Azha. please don’t hesitate to contact us

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location of Azha Ain Sokhna?
It is about 126 kilometers away from Cairo,11 km away from Ain Elsokhna gates, and 15 minutes away from the new administrative capital.
What is the developer company of Azha Ain Sokhna?
Madaar Developments
What is the sales number of Azha Ain Sokhna?
What is the starting price in Azha Ain Sokhna?
2460000 EGP
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