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O-West Orascom 6th October
O-West Orascom 6th of October
6th October
2300000 Egyptian pound
Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed
Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed
El Sheikh Zayed
1834000 Egyptian pound
Bo Island North Coast
Bo Island North Coast
North Coast
3108000 Egyptian pound
Mountain View North Coast
Mountain View North Coast
North Coast
1800000 Egyptian pound
North Edge Towers
North Edge Towers Alamein
North Coast
4800000 Egyptian pound
Al Maqsad New Capital
Al Maqsad New Capital
New Capital
6500000 Egyptian pound
Sueno New Capital
Sueno New Administrative Capital
New Capital
1642500 Egyptian pound
midtown sky new capital
Midtown Sky New Capital
New Capital
990000 Egyptian pound

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