About Us

Enjaz Real Estate is an Egyptian company Established in 2015

  • In order to provide Real Estate services in various areas including residential, commercial and tourism.
  • Enjaz Properties has incorporated a group of credible Real Estate developers, In order to be able to show the most number of outstanding projects owned by these developers in one place.
  • Enjaz Real Estate is keen to include a variety of projects in terms of location, areas of units and features that are owned by the project and others.
  • In addition, Enjaz Real Estate has provided a number of professional real estate consultants to help customers make the right buying decision.
  • All this at the same price for the developer and without taking any commission from the buyer and without any administrative expenses.
  • Enjaz Real Estate is the only company currently able to meet all the needs and requirements of its customers from different target groups at the same time.
  • Enjaz Real Estate is one of the largest permanent real estate exhibitions in Egypt with more than 45 projects under one roof.
  • We have also been able to provide projects and real estate in different regions at prices suitable for all classes and several facilities and without any commissions.
  • Enjaz Real Estate is studying everything new in the real estate market
    In order to provide distinct prices for units offered to suit all needs.
  • Enjaz Real Estate will launch an application on the phone that will help you choose your property with ease.
  • Our goal is to provide the best service in the field of real estate marketing in order to become the best company in this field.

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