Scenario New Capital

Scenario New Capital

The location of the new administrative capital is located on the borders of the city of Badr in the area

between Suez Road and Ain Sokhna road east of the regional ring road,

after New Cairo and the cities of the cities and the future city and the city of Sunrise and Fifth Avenue and away from Ain Sokhna about 60 km and also 60 km The heart of the Greater Cairo Governorate.

The administrative capital area is about 170 thousand acre.

Scenario New Capital
Scenario New Capital

Brief Of Akam Company

Therefore, the owner of the project, ACAM, announced the scenario of the new administrative capital
The best place in the administrative capital was chosen as one of the largest projects in the capital

Location & Area Of Scenario


The compound is located in a prime location in the capital city in the 7th residential district R7 in piece A2,

the second piece of land next to the British University BUE and in front of the exhibition city Expo City

and close to the embassies and the Cathedral and Castle Landmark
It is also next to the largest commercial area and minutes from the Green River

and is considered one of the finest areas in the new administrative capital
Space Scenario Capital New Beginning


The project is built on 39 acres, the areas are divided between residential units and green spaces for landscape and service area. The housing units are varied into (apartments – duplex). The buildings consist of G + 7 and 4 apartments per floor.

Scenario New Capital
Scenario New Capital


  1. Swimming Pools
  2. Restaurants & Cafes
  3. Sports Ground
  4. Entertainment Area
  5. Commercial Area
  6. Hotel services
  7. Security 24

The Compound is owned by “Akam” which has contributed to several many projects before.

You will enjoy your time in “Scenario” that surrounded with the beauty of natural

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