Zaha Park New Capital Home Town

One of the strongest & largest project locted in a very prime location in New Capital “Zaha Park

We can say that “Home Town” is a leading real estate & is seeking to be more professional by listening to our customers

Home Town is one of the biggest companies that made a lot of projects in 5th Settlement ( Hay El Oranfel – Beet El Watan – Hay El Nargs )

Zaha Park is the latest project owned by Home Town Company which will be launched in the middle of new capital

1st commercial & administrative project in the administrative city

Location & Area Of Zaha Park New Capital


Zaha Park located in Mu 23 district in E15 between R2 & R3 on the axes of Amal near the financial and business district & near the government quarter too

Where it is characterized by its vital location because it is close to the most vital areas in order to combine the residential neighborhoods and commercial areas


Zaha Park is located on 2 acres divided into spaces between medical, commercial & administrative units, services and green spaces and Land escape

The buildings divides into 2 Basements, 9 floors

1- Commercial department (Ground Floor – First Floor – Second Floor)
2- Medical department (fourth floor – fifth floor – sixth floor)
3- Administrative department (seventh floor – eighth floor – ninth floor)
4- Roof is a place for entertainment Sky Launch

Features Of  Zaha Park

Zaha Park, the new administrative capital, enjoys the highest level of entertainment services that meet all the requirements of life in various fields. The most important services are:

1- Water features

2- Green Areas

3- Swimming pools

4- Lakes

5- Central air-conditioner

6- Restaurants & Cafes

7- 24/7 security

Prices Of Units In Zaha Park

Ground floor Price per meter starts from 84,000 up to 101,000
Floor Price per meter starts from 61,000 up to 67,000
Second Floor Price per meter starts from 50,000  up to 56,000
Fourth floor Price per meter starts from 32,000
The ninth floor Price per meter starts from 26,000

Our goal is to become the first company in real estate. We will guide you through the entire investment property life cycle – through the purchase, management or sale of your property. In addition to other services.

Hurry up & book your unit now

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