Ibiza Chillout Ain El Sokhna

  • Ibiza Chillout Ain El Sokhna

Ain El Sokhna is a tourist area located on the coast of the Gulf of Suez in the Red Sea and follows the governorate of Suez in Egypt and is 55 km from the city of Suez

It is one of the closest Red Sea resorts to Cairo
It is named after Sokhna because of the presence of numerous hot sulfur eyes and is characterized by non-rocky beaches and white sand

Own your unit in a very special compound by a well-known company “Master Group” that has a lot of projects

Master Group one of the biggest companies that specializes in developing first tier residences and resorts

Master Group has built more than ten projects across Egypt in different places

And we seek to see our projects boom & our community to expand

The company has a lot of projects in many places like

  1. White Bay Ras Sudr
  2. Aida North Coast
  3. The City
  4. The City Valley
  5. Some works at the Ministry of Endowments

Location & Area Of Ibiza Chillout Ain El Sokhna


Ibiza Ain El Sokhna is located near to La Vista 5 in 58 kilo meters


Ibiza Ain El Sokhna held on 27 acres & depth for about 400 meter

The area divided between residential, commercial & green area


  1. Hotel
  2. Commercial Mall on Zafaraana Road
  3. 5 Swimming Pools
  4. Infinity Pool
  5. Lagoons
  6. Kids Area
  7. Club House
  8. Restaurants & Cafes
  9. Gym
  10. Aqua Park
  11. Sports Area
  12. Spa & Jacuzzi

You will find the diversity of designs, spaces and services
It is characterized by large areas of land, some of which are suitable for agriculture and sandy beaches, making it the most suitable place to own your unit at various prices and spaces

Our company seeks to what is new in this field

You have to own your unit in Ibiza Chillout Ain El Sokhna 

If you need more details or you need to book your unit contact us

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