Baroque New Capital

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Baroque New Capital

City Edge is one of the biggest companies that made a lot of projects in a different locations

Al Maqsad” our first compound that located in new capital city in the R3 area of D4 and D5, near the financial and business district, the European University, the Canadian University and the Olympic Village.

So after this wonderful success we decided to have another project in the administrative capital

Baroque” new project for a well-known company “city edge”

We chose to call this name because of the unique design that makes it different

They call it the Egyptian version of the Great Gatsby the style of architecture is old vintage inspired by downtown &  El Baroon Castle

City Edge Company has worked to provide high quality & the company is characterized by the commitment and promises made with customers

This is what we see in its previous works:

Etapa El Sheikh Zayed, North Edge Towers New Business City, New Zahia Al Mansoura, Al Maqsad New Capital

Location & Area


City Edge has completed the work of the new Boraque compound on 1000 acre

it will be the first stage designed on an area of 250 acre and the construction rate in the project will be 20% & 80% will be divided between services and green spaces

we will give you the full comfort that you were always looking for


In a prime location located in the R5 area, near the University of Canada and the International University and the area of finance, business, medical exhibitions, medical city, smart city

We are waiting for you to be one of the luckiest clients in “City Edge” company because you will enjoy the home of your dream in “Al Maqsad New Capital ”

The compound is owned by “City Edge” which has contributed to several many  projects before.

For more details contact us & book you unit

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