Atika New Capital

Atika New Capital

Atika New Capital

A new project for a well-known company has left its print on real estate & has clearly succeeded

New Plan the best choice to achieve your dream, you will find quality & commitment

New Plan Has 4 Successful Partners

1- Mohamed Rashed

2- Walid  Mansoub El Khalil

3- Youssef Sediq

4- Hussien Hamam

Atika New Capital

Atika New Capital

New plan is an Egyptian-Saudi partnership, with the largest percentage 50% being owned by Walid Mansoub El Khalil, who owns the following projects

1- Ocean Club Hotel

2- Rosie Travel

” Rashed For Construction”, which is classified as the first synonym in Saudi Arabia, that have done the following works

1- The Ministry of Health in Riyadh

2 – Imam Mohammed bin Saud in Mecca

3 – Bateem Towers, which consists of 18 floors

4 – the implementation and storage of  “AlMarai” exclusive in Saudi Arabia

And New Plan invested about 8 billion

Atika New Capital

Atika New Capital

Our company seeks to what is new in this field, regardless that we don’t have a big history

The best place was chosen in the administrative capital to built our new project “Atika”

Location & Areas

  • Atika is located in very prime location in new capital in R7 district
  • Atika New Capital divided between residential, commercial & green area
  • Starting areas from 100 meters
  • Starting price from 1,500,000 L.E
Atika New Capital

Atika New Capital

Our goal at New Plan Developments is to provide a distinct level of service

Hurry up & book your unit now in our special compound Atika

For more details contact us

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