Al Maqsad New Capital

  • Al Maqsad New Capital
  • Al Maqsad New Capital
  • Al Maqsad New Capital
  • Al Maqsad New Capital
  • Al Maqsad New Capital
  • Al Maqsad New Capital
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Al Maqsad New Capital

Own your unit in a very special compound by our successful company City Edge

City Edge is one of the biggest companies that made a lot of projects in a different locations

We can say that “Al Maqsad”  will be our first compound that located in new capital city

The first project in the administrative capital consists of villas finishing Superlux immediate receipt

Location & Area For ALMAQSAD New Capital

Al Maqsad in the new administrative capital is located in the R3 area of D4 and D5, near the financial and business district, the European University, the Canadian University and the Olympic Village.

The project area is 211 acres divided into buildings, green spaces and Landscape

Previous work of our company

1- North Edge El Almien New Tower

2- Zahia New Mansoura

3- Eytapa El Sheikh Zayed

We are waiting for you to be one of the luckiest clients in “City Edge” company because you will enjoy the home of your dream in “Al Maqsad New Capital ”

One of advantages of the project is to reduce the population density and targets in urban communities, at “ALMAQSAD”

The compound is owned by “City Edge” which has contributed to several many  projects before.

You will enjoy your time in “Al Maqsad” that surrounded with the beauty of natural

If you want more details, contact us now

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