North Edge Towers City Edge

North Edge Towers City Edge

El Alamein is one of the best areas in the northern coast,

Which is currently characterized by pure sea and soft sand,

A city that includes many features and facilities.

The coastal road has been developed and the length of the road is 38 km

North Coast

North coast is the first place of Egypt that is witnessing a great number of people

in the summer and holidays in terms of climate and wonderful weather

Features of the North Coast

1. The northern coast is one of the longest Mediterranean coasts in North Africa
2 – There are no mountains or heights in the northern coast of Egypt, unlike the Mediterranean coast of North Africa
3- The coast of the coast is a plain land with some plants and short grasses
4- There are 5 lakes in the coast of eleven lakes in Egypt

Brief About City Edge

City Edge, in cooperation with Housing and Development Bank and Urban Communities Authority, launched the first phase of the North Edge Project.

The companies that will implement the project are ( The sons of Hassan Allam – Orascom – Dura – Radicon – Siac – The Arab Contractors )
All these companies are to implement 15 international towers in the coastal area of the New Luminaries at a height of between 27 and 40 floors
It is currently underway to implement the city’s infrastructure
It will be a main interface project on the sea directly and another distinctive facade on the lakes
The Arab Contractors Company has implemented an integrated model of the Al-Plaza marine area

North Edge Towers City Edge

Projects of our company

1- Al Maqsad New Capital

2- Zahia New Mansoura

3- Eytapa El Sheikh Zayed

4- Baroque New Capital

5- Mazarine Al Alamein

North Edge Towers City Edge

Location & Area

The new World Towers is located 54 kilometers from El Alamein International Airport and approximately 89 kilometers from Burj Al Arab Airport.

The project is located in El Alamein City, which is considered the future of Egypt on the shores of the sea and the plans of the city to become the first environmentally friendly city and will have a civil university, research area, industrial zone and luxurious residential areas accommodating the new city of Alamein, ranging from 3 to 4 million citizens

North Edge North Coast held on 48 thousand acres divided into distinctive residential towers with a distinctive view of the sea and industrial lakes


North Edge Al Alamein project includes 6 lakes connected to an area of 1700 acres inland coasts

There is a variety of exhibitions and a group of  hotels on an area of 296 acres
The new project also includes international schools, international universities and a cultural center on an area of 190 equipped with the highest level of education to raise the educational level of the best and includes

  1. Opera
  2. Cinema
  3. Romanian Theater
  4. Studios
  5. Entertainment Area
  6. Hotel
  7. Mosque
  8. Church

The Resort is owned by “City Edge” which has contributed to several many  projects before.

You will enjoy your time in “North Edge” that surrounded with the beauty of natural

If you want more details, contact us now


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