Jefaira Inertia North Coast

We find that a lot of companies build many projects in a different places like North Coast

We consider north coast as a favorite destination & has succeed over  the past few years

The place offers a lot of facilities, you will find all the needed services for you to practice your favorite water sports & you will spend the best time on the Mediterranean Sea 

And here we go, Inertia introduce Jefaira

Brief About Inertia  

Inertia have been established since 2007 & owned by a well-known engineers  (Hussien El refaay – Ahmed El Adwey)

Inertia is one of the biggest companies that made a lot of projects in a different locations & has worked to provide high quality & the company is characterized by the commitment and promises made with customers

Our Projects in different places

There is two type :

  • Residential

1- Joulz ( 6 October )

2- G- Cribs ( El Gouna )

3- Veranda ( Sahl Hasheesh )

4- Soleya ( North Coast )

5- West Hills ( 6 October )

6- Brix ( 6 October )

  • Commercial

1- Medical

We offer you the best resort in North Coast with a very prime location by Inertia Development 

Jefaira Inertia North Coast

Jefaira Inertia North Coast

Jefaira North Coast

Jefaira North Coast will be heading for a new atmosphere of sophistication and luxury
Which is sought by most people and will provide a lot of entertainment and features that meet all needs

Jeafaira North Coast Resort is unique and located on the most beautiful beaches


Designed by a well-known company that made a lot of projects in Dubai & China called “Ten design

Jefaira is designed with the latest and most modern and elegant designs by a group of experts and consultants engineers to add a kind of luxury and creativity that is similar to any other tourist resort in the village of Gefira, the North Coast has multiple and varied areas Where it is divided into independent villas, Twin House, Town House and chalets

Jefaira Inertia North Coast

Jefaira Inertia North Coast

Location & Area


Jefaira North Coast located in Ras El Hekma in 188 KM before City Stars, for about 200 KM from Alexandria, 100 Km From Matrouh, 65 KM from Marasi, 90 from Wadi El natroun road,80 from Alamien & 300 KM from Cairo


Jefaira North Coast held on 1300 acre & the length of the sea is 3600 meters & the depth is 2200 meters

the construction rate in the project will be 20% & 80% will be divided between services, green spaces & landscape

we will give you the full comfort that you were always looking for

Jefaira Inertia North Coast

Jefaira Inertia North Coast


1- 3 Club Houses on the sea

2- 4 Club Houses

3- School

4- University

5- Hospital

6- Sports Center

7- Hotel

8- Conference Hall

9- Central Park held on 34 acre

10- Down Town

Available Types

  • Chalet
  • Studio
  • Standalone
  • Twin House
  • Town House
Jefaira Inertia North Coast

Jefaira Inertia North Coast

Payment Plan

10% Down Payment & up to 8 years equal installments

It will be delivered after 4 years

Our company seeks to what is new in this field

If you need more details or you need to book your unit contact us now


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