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  • North Edge New Alamein
  • North Edge New Alamein
  • North Edge New Alamein
North Coast

North Edge New Alamein City Edge

North Edge New Alamein

First of all new distinctive cities have emerged recently, characterized by sophistication and tranquility,

to move away from the traditional atmosphere and crowding.

Among the cities that have appeared recently and achieved great success are the new city of El Alamein

because it is considered following the northern coast,

which is characterized by moderate weather, fine sand, and blue seawater.

An old tourist and has traces of world war.

One of the most beautiful places that you will enjoy it due to nature is North Edge New Alamein.

Brief About City Edge Developments 

City Edge is pioneering pillars known for its precision in its choices from the smallest detail to its largest

Owned by a very well-known developer

They are very responsible for the implementation of the plan 

A firm distinguished by its advanced real estate business

as it has been in the real estate market for some time in the Egyptian real estate market

And it made a cooperation protocol with the Minister of Housing,

as the government was very confident with this ancient company

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Features & Amenities

North Edge New Alamein is the first residential-only towers in the new city of El Alamein and it covers an area of 48,000 acres.

It is one of the newest projects developed by City Edge Real Estate Development Company

to change the concept of life in the North Coast from a tourist destination to a residential destination

that provides a lifestyle of luxury for its residents throughout the year.

North Edge New Alamein

Brief About North Edge Towers El Alamein

Even more, North Edge New Alamein is a huge project the project was held on an area of about 48 thousand feddan

divided into distinctive residential towers that have a distinctive view

where there are two destinations for the project the first destination on the sea

and the second destination on the artificial lakes and the company contracted

with a group to implement the project and the companies that will implement the project

These are the sons of Hassan Allam – Orascom – Dora – Redecon – Siac – Arab Contractors)

All these companies are to implement 15 towers globally in the beach area of the new El Alamein,

at a height ranging between 27 and 40 floors, meaning that the new El Alamein towers are skyscrapers,

and it is currently starting to run off the infrastructure of the city.

The Arab Contractors Company also carries out the works of the bridges.

As a result, the pleasures of coastal living with a waterfront with a mission

Above all North Edge El Alamein’s new project for City Edge Company,

the edge of the beach includes 6 lakes connected to an area of 1700 acres in the interior beaches. In the North Edge project,

Therefore New El Alamein Towers have a variety of exhibitions, a group of hotels that provide hotel services on.

While the highest level and an area of 296 acres

Location Of North Edge El Alamein

North Edge is located on the administrative borders of Mars Matrouh Governorate,

with a length of 48 kilometers from the international road, and it is certainly in the city center of El Alamein,

and it is a very special location due to that, so as a result, the company chose it to be a project site.

North Edge New Alamein

Facilities & Features

It was almost all there

  • Opera: To see various singing performances and opera concerts.
  • Commercial zone
  • lake
  • Cinema: To watch all Arab and foreign films
  • Romanian theater: to enjoy all theatrical performances
  • Studios complex: to enjoy taking all pictures with your family and children
  • Recreational areas: where there is a complex of cafes and restaurants that provide the finest luxurious hotel services
  • Hotel: to stay whenever you want
  • Sky-high sea view
  • Mosque: open all times
  • Church: to hold Christian religious rituals
  • Commercial areas
  • Tennis and volleyball courts to ensure a special time in the new Alamein
  • Universities and research center such as:

1- Al-Alamein International University for Science and Technology, which includes many colleges

2- The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, which includes more than 35 different specializations


Enjoy your convenience year-round living

Book your unit now to ensure better communities and better life in a new and also distinct place away from the crowds and noises that exist in other cities in the North Edge Towers Alamein City.

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