Anakaji New Capital

Anakaji New Capital

Anakaji New Capital is a new compound settled in the Administrative Capital “Aqar Masr” company

Our vision at Aqar Masr is to build in style and follow the footsteps of those who created the unique Egyptian architecture coming from construction background.

Our owner is Engineer “Maged Migar” and he is one of the successful engineer, he has a good experience up to 25 years

Location & Area Of Ankaji New Capital

is located in one of the most special places in new capital in R8 near Diplomatic District, Parliment

and front of Green River and held on 20 acre.

Facilities :

1- Club House

2- Cultural Center

3- Parking

4- Commercial Area

5- Restaurants & Cafes

6- Pharmacy

From the lovely, natural landscaping and delightfully colorful architecture, to the quiet and calm surrounding each and every resident.

We are waiting for you to be one of the luckiest clients in “Aqar Masr” company because you will enjoy the home of your dream in “Anakaji New Capital “

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